The training skills of LR Alexander are demonstrated at shows. Working 1000 lb steers or quietly herding a pair of ducks leaves the viewer wondering how this is done.
Step by step training instructions are revealed in his new "Training the Border Collie" manual

LR Alexander duck herding demonstration, Aug 2010

Back in history, here is a 2001 story link with references to LR Alexander by Ben Means another long time cowdog breeder. The Cowdog duck show.

LR has has a firm belief that seeing a cowdog at work will convince most cattle handlers that a well trained cowdog should be part of their family workforce.Of course a well trained cowdog is an investment far exceeding a family pet and for those who decide to get a young Cowdog puppy and train it themselves will find LR's instruction DVD invaluable for training.Here are some published pages.

From 1994 (21 years ago)Working new cattle with cowdogs

From 1995 (20 years ago)Confidence in your young cowdog by:LR Alexander

Life is too short to work weak dogs!

Today LR has updated his training presentation and transferred his methods to a clear, easy to understand DVD.
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LR Alexander is a cattleman ! Dependable, year round help was not easily found in his area. Early on, some 46 years ago, he decided to try training a stockdog, after several sad trys it became clear a sheepdog would not work for the help he needed.
He became a breeder and trainer of cattledogs.
The "LR Alexander cattledogs" found in a GOOGLE or YAHOO search fill the first pages!

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The name LR Alexander is listed in foundation stock pedigrees spanning decades.

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