Let LR Alexander help you!

LR Alexander offers his method of choosing and training your Border Collie. His New manual and DVD are possibly the most focused and dedicated training for Border Collies, particularly training for use with cattle.

The training Manual.

Let "LR" help you select and prepare for your job as a trainer. Keep a training manual handy, use it until the cover is well worn, Starting correctly and gaining progress with training time produces positive results, re-read it as you work with your dog. The training manual will help to avoid some problems and help to find solutions for others.
The 8.00 price is not connected to the value for you and your dog.

The DVD.
Here LR Alexander shows and tells you his training methods and simple equipment to teach and control your dog.
You will see the logic and results with your dog.
Take advantage of the methods learned and
improved for forty five years.
The price of the DVD is $35.00

To order: CALL (417) 468-2859 and tell LR that you want the Manual or the DVD or "BOTH a $43.00 value for $40.00"
Mail payment to:
LR Alexander
22536 St Hwy 38E.
Marshfield, MO 65706

        Now you can order your own "Life is too short to work weak dogs!" HAT

Top quality Port & company hat
embroidered with poly neon thread which resist fading and color change.
Plastic size adjustment, 6 panel med pro crown.
Please allow 3 weeks for delivery. ($49.98 includes shipping with DVD and Training Manual purchase.
$9.95 plus $3.95 S&H if ordered alone.

River book is $20.00 post paid, cont USA only.
EMAIL below for details!

Life is too short to work weak dogs!

Send inquiries to: LRAlexander@Stockdog.us

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