Stockdog training for working cattle, cowdog

LR Alexanders latest kennel sire Tank
Tank is a proven Sire. He has an extremely hard bite I would rate him at 60% head and 40% heel.

I think he is one of the best dogs I have ever had for breaking cows and calves. He is a little pushy but has a way of reading stock. I use him and Agge to sort cattle. They are on different commands and both are smooth biters. They sure are fun to start, they are keen to work and have a smooth bite.I have been working and training Border Collies on cattle for fifty years. I don't know how to handle cattle without dogs, it is just a way of life. The only thing I will say that the first twenty years I had trouble with consistency. So many of the pups didn't have the guts to handle wild cattle. I still have a pup now then that don't have what it takes but most of my pups want to work and have a hard bite. And any one that says all their dogs work rough cattle are just not telling the truth. What ever kind of dog you are looking for, sheep, goats or cattle, one thing it must have is a keen desire to work and please.

50 Years of breeding experience DELIVERS!

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