stockdog training for cows

Training is more easily accomplished with the help and advise of a seasoned professional.
When his schedule permits LR Alexander does some one-on-one instruction. Pictured here is student Amy with her Border Collie (offspring of "King")

Amy wants to learn training and train her own dog with the help of LR Alexander.
Border collie training.
Amy, 2009 with her "trainee".

   Amy 2010 showing training skill.

Amy demonstraits her dog and training skills at a stockdog showcase 2010.
Bag man is noted trainer and mentor LR Alexander!!

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Thinking about some help working cattle?

Perhaps some help when moving the herd from field to field.

Some help to bring in the cows at milking time?

Also when loading, driving, sorting and many other uses. You really would like some serious help but wish to avoid hourly wages.

Allow the knowledge of an experienced professional to help with your decision.
Possibly you should contact LR Alexander.

Life is too short to work weak dogs!

Majority opinion is LR Alexanders advise on cowdogs: "the best forty bucks I ever spent".

Now available on DVD!

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